Matrices and PHP

So, I have been wanting to complete my matrix class since I started it back in 2005 (right before entering the army).  Anyways, yesterday I found my old code, and looking through it saw that it wasn’t documented, but was partially functional. (Some key components were missing to solve linear equations using it.)  Anyways, seeing that, and seeing a lack of Matrix support in PHP other than from PEAR (and I’ve never been a fan of PEAR), I decided to rewrite mine in PHP5.  Behold!  The Power of the Matrix!

You can see the documentation for this class, use an application to solve linear equations with it.  After, I commented it, got it into my SVN, and then uploaded it to  The documentation is quite complete, and there are plenty of examples on its usage within the Class page on that site, including the script used to solve linear equations. So, my fellow programmers/math nerds, I hope this class finds you well, and you can find a lot of practical uses for it within your code.  And, if you do, please, let me know how you used it, and let me know of any errors you might find!

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