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Normally, I wouldn’t break from the main purpose of this blog to post on something that isn’t technically related.  However, since I have thousands of movies, and never had a good way to organize them, I had been about to give up and create my own program via Python/PHP to get the list of files from the dir, and then to try and do automated lookups/HTML parsing in order to store that info in a format that I can read, easily see where the files are, etc.  Now, I’ve attempted to use AMC (Ant Movie Catalog) a few times, each time winding up disappointed that while it does have a rich feature-set, it doesn’t allow linking to the movie on your hard drive as well as the IMDB page that belongs to the movie.  Also, the data fields are just…fields, lacking interactivity of say linking to actor’s.  So, I went online one more time to see if there were any better solutions.

What I ended up finding was All My Movies, with a free (30 day) trial.  Importing 190+ movies took almost no time at all – though I personally didn’t like the social networking ‘push’ once the database hit 100 movies, I am sure that others might? (Allows you to tell Facebook or twitter that you have 100 movies in your collection now.)  So, adding movies from files and linking them to and pulling information from IMDB was rather quick (especially when compared to every other movie database I have attempted to use, let me get to the awesomeness that is All My Movies version 7.1.

Select by Genre

Choosing a Genre to browse by

First, movies can be listed by the Genre, and then sorted by year or title.  Now for those out there that have thousands of movies and are trying to decide what to watch – well, this is perfect!  Because after you sort the list, select your genre, see the box-cover – you can then play the movie from within the application.Play buttonHow easy is that?  Not only will you have a comprehensive list of all your movies, you have the tools to easy look through them and choose what you want to watch based on any number of attributes.

Another cool feature that might be overlooked is the ability to view random stats about your collection.  How many are on your hard drive, how many are VHS, DVD, etc.  These stats also break down the Genre’s as well as the years and codec’s used for the movies linked by files.

All My Movies Stats View

Small version of stats

Conclusion: Go get All My Movies and test drive it yourself!  If you have a ton of movies and would like some efficient and feature-rich software to help you organize them across multiple drives and folders – this is what you are looking for.  The only ‘con’ that I have found, is that I would like it to ‘watch’ certain (and multiple) folders for new files and request to add them to the particular database that you are working with when you open it.  But hey, this has more than enough to make up for it, and it’s just a matter of remembering to keep it updated and you are good to go.

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